Just my luck

I was so excited when I found this community! That is, until I saw the date of the last post. -sigh- I knew it was too good to be true. That's just my luck.
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Been a while!

Wondering if everyone is doing all alright after the first real snow of winter!

School for me starts next week, and I hope to wear lolita to school for most of the time.  If you happen across the CR campus of Kirkwood, you may or may not see me!  Not only am I one of the rare females in the CS classes, I'll be in frilly dresses!

Also hoping to get a meet up set up sometime soon!  Anyone free next Sunday? (22nd)  Coffee?  Gelato?  :)!
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Spam *edited*

Has anyone noticed the spam on here? Is there anything we can do to stop it?

*edit* so it might have been auto removed by LJ or some weird problem with their system... either way the comments I had notifications about that were spam are not in the posts anymore soooooooo never mind lol

Tea Party In Iowa City

This is just a feeler post to see if anyone would be interested in attending a tea party in Iowa City.  I went out for lunch today and realized there is a cafe here that offers afternoon tea.  It's 15 dollars per person and comes with fresh scones, two kinds of finger sandwiches, a mini-cake, a truffle and a pot of tea.  The place I'm talking about is called the Leaf Kitchen, which is found by Aero Rental and the Pit Stop.  The atmosphere is pretty cute (I really like it, though my husband remarked that it seemed "scenester-ish").  It's local when it can be, and I believe they offer vegan and gluten free alternatives.

You can find their website here.

I would most likely set this little shindig during the weekend, and its only offered at 1-3 PM.  So if you are interested do tell : )
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AI 2011

I wanted to say it was really neato to see that many Lolitas in one place!  I didn't say hello to anyone, sadly.  I was all pimped out in cosplay and was afraid to scare the lolitas away!

AI 2011

I was happy to see sooooo many people come out for the panel (even if half the room was a cheering section for one of the models lol... it's better then it being completely empty!) please let me know what you thought about the panel! It was my first time doing it and I was a bit nervous but I thought it went well, there were LOTS of really good questions!

I am kicking around the idea of doing another panel next year but making it a sewing/crafting panel for lolita. I might even ask KMK, Be My Full Moon and Scoundrelles Keep to be there and answer sewing questions :) and then doing a tutorial for easy accessories to craft. :)