.:Miss Ashley:. (lehulei) wrote in lolitainiowa,
.:Miss Ashley:.

QC July 3 2-Part Meet-up!

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*Oops, I accidentally posted this comment in the chicago group instead of iowa as I intended - fixed it*

Wow, I just found this community and I'm so happy to see local meet-ups happening! I've never seen any other lolitas in this area so this is awesome.
I'd love to come but being a pale gothic lolita with mostly black/dark clothes, I'm afraid I'd burst into flames in the mid-day summer sun.
I'd like to come out for the fireworks though, and it would be great to meet everyone.
I'll be there! I found a light-weight OP casual loli dress in the back of my closet that I think should be cool enough that I won't die of heat.
Thankfully it doesn't look like it'll be as hot and sticky tomorrow as it has been the past couple days.

What should I bring? I won't be eating much so I was thinking of just a veggie tray or a fruit tray, something to nibble. If someone is already bringing those, let me know what is needed.

I live in Moline, but I've never been to VanderVeer. I've heard its very pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing it and meeting everyone!