.:Miss Ashley:. (lehulei) wrote in lolitainiowa,
.:Miss Ashley:.

QC Meet-Up Feeler! July 3

Location: Quad Cities IA/IL.

A few of us were talking about getting together for an afternoon picnic at Vander Veer Botanical Gardens on Sunday, July 3 followed by the Red, White, & Boom! Riverfront Festival (complete with fireworks) in the evening.

Any interest? Any specific times that work better for anyone? I was thinking 2-6 for the first half, then 6-? for the riverfront fest (festival starts at 6, fireworks begin at 9:30).

I've can fit 6 other people in my SUV if we need rides from the train station in Galesburg.

I've never been to the QC fireworks show, so if anyone has and can share experiences, feel free! (Is one side of the river better? What time should we start "reserving" our seats? They shoot them off from the RIA, right?)

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