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Quad Cities Meet-Up Feeler Post

Hi Ladies!

I was thinking we should get together sometime soon.

What would people be interested in? In general, when's the best days x times for people to get together?

A few random ideas:

Niabi Zoo? They have 1/2 Priced Tuesdays, as well as a variety of special events like "Breakfast with Animals" and "Movies on the Lawn" about once per month. Coal Valley.

QC Botanical Gardens? The Butterfly Exhibit runs June 19*-September 30. There's a Garden Party fundraiser on June 23, as well as a Wonderland Tea on July 31* Rock Island.

Vander Veer Botanical Gardens? Davenport.

Butterworth Center - Also has gardens. It has an annual event called the Blossoms at Butterworth on June 26th which I think could be fun as a loli-meet, but it's my best friend's birthday so I'll have to see if we're celebrating that day or another :) Moline.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is making a 3D appearance at the Imax at the Putnam from April 29-June 16th. Davenport.

Has anyone been to Friedas European Bakery & Tea Room? That's always a possibility, too! Open Tues-Sat until 2:30 p.m. East Moline.

*For Reference, QC Anime-Zing is June 17-19 & Anime Iowa is July 29-31 for those who are planning on attending, I'm not sure what lolita-related activities are planned for those conventions at this point.
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