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Anime Iowa 2011

So I am not sure who is going to Anime Iowa this year but I thought I would let you all know about the fun Lolita stuff going on! I am pretty sure our panels will be accepted because it's been a few years since we had one. I will update thought if it is not.

Lolita Tea Party
Join us for tea, snacks and games! All are welcome to attend :) - if this is a panel you will need a badge though
-We will be doing a Frilly Pink Elephant exchange! Bring in a tea cup to give to someone else and take a new one home! The only rules are that it has to be in good working order, otherwise if you bring one you will get to take one home! (You can find one at a second hand store/garage sale)

Lolita Photo Shoot
-Saturday 11:30am in the Library - this is open to all as it is not apart of the AI programming

Lovely Lolita Lodestar
This panel will be dedicated to those who want to learn more about Lolita, we will include a wide variety of information for new and veteran Lolitas concluding with a fashion show of different styles (if you are going and would like to participate in the fashion show please let me know!)


Both panels were accepted! If you plan on going to the tea party and have not let me know on the AI forums then please let me know here, if you have any dietary requirments also let me know so I can have food properly labeled. And if you would like to be in the fashion show then let me know!

Tea Party :
Lovely Lolita Lodestar:
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