Tande (elysiumtan) wrote in lolitainiowa,

Tea Party In Iowa City

This is just a feeler post to see if anyone would be interested in attending a tea party in Iowa City.  I went out for lunch today and realized there is a cafe here that offers afternoon tea.  It's 15 dollars per person and comes with fresh scones, two kinds of finger sandwiches, a mini-cake, a truffle and a pot of tea.  The place I'm talking about is called the Leaf Kitchen, which is found by Aero Rental and the Pit Stop.  The atmosphere is pretty cute (I really like it, though my husband remarked that it seemed "scenester-ish").  It's local when it can be, and I believe they offer vegan and gluten free alternatives.

You can find their website here.

I would most likely set this little shindig during the weekend, and its only offered at 1-3 PM.  So if you are interested do tell : )
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